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Having diabetes puts you at a higher risk for developing other health problems. However, if you understand the risks, you can take steps now to lower your chance of diabetes-related complications. Talk to your diabetes educator and healthcare provider about potential health issues such as kidney damage, nerve damage and vision loss. They can explain why complications happen and how they can be avoided. But don’t rely on your healthcare team to identify areas of concern you need to play an active role in reducing your risk. Make an effort to learn about complications and consistently track your overall health.

The information and links on this website are not a substitute for comprehensive education you will receive from diabetes educator.  Find an educator and program near you

PDF ABCs of self-Care

PDF My Visit Planner

PDF Self-care from Head to Toe

PDF Reduce Risk by Improving Health

PDF Visiting with Your diabetes Care Team

PDFHealth Evaluation and Records

PDF My Daily Diary

PDF Preventive Services

PDF Sex Dysfunction In Men In Women

PDF Dental Care

PDF Four Stages of Kidney Disease

PDF Foot Care Guidelines

PDF Peripheral Neuropathy

PDF Autonomic Neuropathy

PDF Vision problems caused by Diabetes

PDF Lifestyle Changes for Cholesterol Control

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Easy-to-understand diabetes self-care information

[PDF: Diabetes Care Schedule]

[PDF: Daily Reminder]

[PDF: My Goal This Month]

[PDF: Diabetes Care Team]

[PDF: Protect Your Kidneys]

[PDF: Prevent High Bllod Pressure]

[PDF booklet: Diabetes and Your Feet]

[PDF: Smoking]

[PDF: Tips to Control Cholesterol]

[VIDEO: Protect your Eyes]

[VIDEO: Protect Your Feet]


For Diabetes Educators

Reducing Risks English and Reduccion De Riesgos Spanish
From the American Association of Diabetes  Educators (AADE) this 2 page PDF provides  basic information with tips and planning ideas

(More AADE7™ self-care behaviors handouts)