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October 2nd Educational Program-Prandial Percolations

 Jennifer Beach, Pharm.D., CDE,     WADE professional Ed



October 2nd Educational Program-Prandial Percolations

Category: All Members

Roles: Member

jenniferbeach sent out a mass e-mail from http://www.wadepage.org/.

Please remember to RSVP to this program by Thursday, September 27th. This
should be a fun event, join us if you can. If you have not been on the
website recently, the following program information is below:

On behalf of WADE, I would like to personally invite you to:

The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle
2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67
October 2nd, 2007
6:30pm Appetizers, Drinks, and Welcome in the Hotel Lounge
7pm Program Start, Dinner provided

Please join me and other WADE collegues at the first ever "Prandial
Percolations" educational program, which has been designed to offer an
informal way to meet and discuss topics that surround our role as diabetes
educators. This will differ from the traditional drug company sponsored
slide show dinner program. This is an unscripted educational event that
will hopefully harbor an open discussion and dialogue, so that we may all
learn from one another and network. If you have any particularly useful
websites that you use for patient education that you would like to share,
please bring these with you. I will email you 2 conversation starters,
short journal articles that we can discuss, should you decide to join in
the fun.

I look forward to meeting with you, please RSVP to me via email
([email protected]) by September 27th if you plan to attend. Space
is limited :). Valet parking is available.

Jennifer Beach, Pharm.D., CDE
UWMC-Diabetes Care Center Clinical Pharmacist
WADE Board Member, Professional Education Chair for Western Washington

Voting & Results


May 2010 Survey Monkey Results

1. Should the location of the annual conference rotate geographically each year?
YES: 75.5%
NO: 7.5%
Does not matter: 17%

2. Best time of the year for the conference?
Spring: 32.1%
Fall: 7.5%
Does not matter: 17% 

November 2009 Survey Monkey Results


submitted by Jennifer Beach, President -- WADE Board Retreat Survey November 2009

 1. Your WADE Board is discussing the use of the current website to offer CEU credits. An example would be to digitally record an educational program and offer it on the website for credit. This would primarily be done as a benefit for members although WADE would probably let nonmembers utilize this also for a higher fee. Is this something you would use?

YES 100.0%                             NO 0.0%

2. If yes, what is the most you would pay per 1.0 hour of credit? Assume the content and speaker is highly interesting to you.

$5-10 à  12.5%                      $15-20  à 37.5%                    $25-30 à 37.5%
$35-40 à 0.0%                       $45-50 à 12.5%                     more than $50à  0.0%

3. Depending on the cost of making the recordings, WADE could lose $ on the venture.
       I think WADE should do this eve if WADE will pay more than it earns. 12.5%
       I think WADE should do this only if WADE is likely to break even. 62.5%
      I think that WADE should not dot his unless it likely that WADE will not lose $. 25.0%

4. For the past 2 years, the AADE Annual meeting session's MP3 audio files have been purchased and placed in the WADE lending library for members who want to borrow. There has not been much interest thus far, however, from members to borrow these. Do you think WADE should continue to purchase these as a  member benefit despite not much interest?

Yes à 50.0%               Noà 50.0%

5. The WADE board is finalizing the Karen Goldstein Memorial fund. It will grant money for WADE to fund outstanding, nationally-recognized speakers at future annual conferences. The first speaker will be Irl Hirsch at the 2010 WADE Annual Conference. Did you know that you can still contribute to this fund by going to Karen Goldstein Memorial Fund.
à 37.5%                                     No à 62.5%

6. Do you think this has been a helpful way for us to provide WADE information?

YES à 100.0%                        NO à 0.0%

7. Do you think this has been a good way to solicit member input?

YES  à 100.0%                       NO 0à 0%

8. Do you think you would continue to participate in these surveys if we continue these as quarterly assessments after each board meeting?

YES  à 100.0%                       NO à 0.0%


Please check out the survey for this month at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V52C2TP


1. Should the location of the annual conference rotate geographically each year?
       YES: 75.5%
       NO: 7.5%
       Does not matter: 17%
2. Best time of the year for the conference?
Spring: 32.1%
                Fall: 7.5%
                Does not matter: 17%



May 2010 Survey monkey Results

1. Should the location of the annual conference rotate geographically each year?
YES: 75.5%
NO: 7.5%
Does not matter: 17%

2. Best time of the year for the conference?
Spring: 32.1%
Fall: 7.5%
Does not matter: 17%



Policies & Procedures

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WADE has changed it's membership year to match AADE.  July 1, 2008 WADE's membership year will become a 1 year membership, ie it will expire 1 year from when you pay your dues.  (Exception: people paying between June 1-30, 2008 will expire June 30, 2009).  For instance, if you join or renew in August 12, 2008, your membership will be good until August 12, 2009. 
For more information about membership please see our membership page.
For membership questions, contact [email protected]

WADE May 2008 Newsletter is now posted.

WADE is considering purchasing talks from the AADE annual conference and a core curriculum for members to borrow. 

WADE is also considering helping to organize and/or support AADE's webinars for our members. 

email us

WADE is planning on a lot more conference calls.  They have been very successful in the recent past with lots of information sharing. Topics have included the Business Side of Diabetes ( discussing reimbursement issues, forms, etc) and Inpatient Diabetes Management. For more information: see the navigation side bar InfoSharing/conference calls.



Our Mission

The Washington Association of Diabetes Educators is dedicated to advancing the role of the diabetes educator and improving the quality of diabetes education and care in Washington State.

Our Goals

  • Recognition: WADE will advance recognition of diabetes education as central to quality of diabetes care.

  • Education: WADE will promote professional development.

  • Advocacy: WADE will increase demand for diabetes education within the evolving healthcare system.

  • Organizational Excellence: WADE will develop the organization that effectively and efficiently meets member needs.

WADE will continue co-operation, commitment and sense of community among individuals and organizations involved with diabetes and diabetes education.