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2021 Oregon & Washington ADCES Annual Educational Conference- post conference info.

 If you were registered and attended "Transforming Diabetes Care and Nutrition Education in a New World." A joint virtual conference by ADCES Oregon and ADCES Washington.
Thank you for attending. You may get additional CVent-generated emails with access and survey links, however, we wanted to send this especially for those who were having CVent emails blocked by your security features.
RECORDINGS:  You can click here at any time between now and July 28 to access the conference site, the handouts, links, and recordings. Recordings are available within 2 hours of the live presentation, so most are already available!
CEUs:  You can click here at any time between now and May 15 to complete your survey evaluations to claim your CE credits. The email with the CE certificate(s) may take 1-2 business days to receive, so please be patient and contact us if you don't receive them after that timeframe. If an evaluation survey is not showing up for you after you log-in to the surveys link (separate evaluations for each day 1-3), make sure you've "attended" that day's sessions whether live or recorded and waited 1-2 business days for the evaluation to appear. We apologize for what can feel like a long turnaround time; our CVent event managers have to trigger these steps manually to ensure we meet and capture the data required for offering live and recorded CE content.
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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:  For your convenience, below are links and information to resources commonly requested or commented upon during the conference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources with your colleagues!
Motivational Interviewing training, info, and resources:
A 90 minute recorded CE webinar that is free to ADCES members and $34.95 for non-members, valid through 8/7/21: 

Plant-based eating resource: 21-day Vegan Kickstart (pcrm.org)

How Do We Define Cure of Diabetes?” Diabetes Care (2009) Nov; 32(11): 2133-2135.

  • Partial remission - BG lower than diabetes level for at least 1 year w/o diabetes medicine 
  • Complete remission -BG returns to normal levels completely outside the range of diabetes or pre-diabetes and stays there for at least one year without any diabetes medicine.
  • Prolonged remission - complete remission for at least 5 years
Online Diabetes Distress Survey -- PWD can take this quickly on their smartphone or computer while in your appointment:
Resources to promote healthy eating and healthy weight in babies, toddlers, kids, and adolescents:
Resources for interactions with other cultures: