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Handouts 2016 Annual Conference

To conserve paper WADE will not be providing printed copies of these handouts. We suggest you download these to your computer or portable device. The handouts are added as they are submitted and will be available for you on this website long after the conference. 

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Presentation  Handouts (PDF)


Advanced Motivational Interviewing -
Marc Steinberg, MD, FAAP






Goldstein Memorial Speaker:

Truth Talk: What diabetes is and what diabetes isn't, a fresh perspective on living with diabetes. - Quinn Nystrom, PWD                         

No handouts

Clinical Diabetes Treatment Update: Navigating the Options -  Eden Miller, DO


Exercise Physiology / Diabetes - Vince Nethery, PhD

No handouts

TB & Diabetes - Lana Tyler, RN, MSN


Staging of Type 1 Diabetes: Clinical Implications - Deborah Hefty, MN, RN, CDE


New Medications & Case Studies - Josh Neumiller, PharmD


Pediatric Diabetes: Understanding the Fundamentals of DKA Evaluation and Management - Anne Dulong, RN, BSN, CDE

No handouts

Gut Microbiome/Diabetes - Theresa Martin, RD


The Benefits of Mentoring: The Mushroom Hunters- How to Teach your Patients What to Find in Themselves -  Katy Wilkens, MS, RD

Handout 1

Handout 2

Effective Delivery of Diabetes Self-Management Training Through Telehealth Enabled Services - Catherine "Katie" Farrell, RD, CDE, and Lana Adzhigirey, RN


Panel discussion: The State of Diabetes in Washington - Lisa Woodard, PhD, Cheryl Farmer, MD, and Emily Fleury, BS