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Health Slate Tablet

HealthSlate is a dedicated device, not a general purpose tablet. It features a 7” display with USB, HDMI and micro SD ports. It uses the Android 4.1.1 operating system. It does not permanently store any patient information. HealthSlate requires periodic access to a WiFi network. More information about HealthSlate can be found at www.healthslate.com.

  • Many members of the Washington and Oregon Diabetes Associations who attended their annual meeting this year are beta testing this tablet.
  • All who attend the AADE 2013 meeting in Philadelphia should be receiving a HealthSlate tablet some time in October.
  • At this time the HealthSlate tablet is only available to members AADE doing the beta testing and those who attended the AADE meeting.
  • A to Z Health hopes to make the tablet available to other members of AADE in the future.


Tips on how to use the HealthSlate tablet

Providence St Mary Medical Center is now using a tablet to teach patients individually and will be using the Just the Facts game in their Diabetes Workshops. They have purchased a HDMI cable that needed to be modified to fit the port on the tablet (they suggest purchasing one at www.healthslate.com that will not need to be modified). To make the Just the Facts game more useable and fun they are awarding “Just the Facts dollars” that can be exchanged for prizes.

  • Click here for a PDF file for dollars that can be used in the "Just the Facts" game
  • Click here for a word document that should make it easy for you to edit/create your your own "Just the Facts dollars"
  • Click here for sign that can be placed on or over the prize table


  1. Make multiple copies of the PDF file.
  2. Cut and trim the copies.
  3. Open the "Just the Facts" game (use the HDMI cable to connect to large screen TV).
  4. Award the dollars to participants during the game.
  5. At the end of the class participants may redeem the dollars for prizes

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