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I'm just a girl sharing my personal thoughts and experiences with diabetes.

Life After DX
LifeAfterDx is my personal home base, where I get to say what and how I feel about diabetes and… you know… life

Moments of Wonderful
It seems like every few months, my diabetes supply stash gets absolutely out of control. Empty boxes that formerly held pump supplies and empty test strip boxes dominate the shelf.

I call myself a Born Again Diabetic because I felt like I was starting over, but I also call myself Ninjabetic because it takes being a ninja to live successfully with diabetes.

The Perfect D
This blog is not a medical blog, but it does have medical bits and terminology in it. It’s about my diabetes, my views on diabetes, and my world. It’s meant to be read by everyone (except for people who might be offended by swearing or “adult talk”).

Scott’s Diabetes Journal
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980, I recognize the incredible mental struggle of living with diabetes.

Six Until Me
I started Six Until Me in May of 2005 because I was tired of Googling “diabetes” and coming up with little more than a list of complications and frightening stories.  Where were all the people who were living with this disease, like I have been since I was a little girl?

 Your Diabetes May Vary
YDMV is a personal blog about diabetes by Bennet Dunlap.

Other Diabetes and Social Networks