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Checking your blood sugar levels regularly gives you vital information about your diabetes control. Monitoring helps you know when your blood sugar levels are on target. It helps you make food and activity adjustments so that your body can perform at its best. It takes some time and experience to figure out how your daily activities and actions affect your blood sugar.

The information and links on this website are not a substitute for comprehensive education you will receive from diabetes educator.  Find an educator and program near you

How to check your blood sugar To perform a blood glucose test you will require a blood glucose meter, a test strip, a lancing device and a monitoring diary to record the results.  
[VIDEO: Why and How to Check Your Blood Sugar] [PDF: Blood Sugar Diary ]

[PDF: About Selecting a Meter]

[PDF: Continuous Glucose Monitoring]

[PDF: What Are the Target Ranges?]

[PDF: FAQ about Monitoring]

[PDF: What do the results mean?]

[PDF: My Blood Sugar Card]

[PDF: Blood Sugar Log]

[PDF: Monitoring (Source: CDC)]

[VIDEOS: Diabetes Answers]

[PDF: Monitoring When Not Taking Any Medications]

[PDF: Monitoring When On Insulin]

[PDF: Your Glucose Meter (booklet)]

Problems Solving and Tools to Improve Control

[PDF: What to Know When Your Blood Sugar Swings Too Low]

[PDF: Why is my blood sugar high in the morning?]

[PDF: Is My Blood sugar Accurate?]

[PDF: Cost of Strips]

[PDF: How Often Should You Check Your Blood Sugar?]

[PDF: Prevent Sore Fingers]

[PDF: Glucose Log (several weeks)]

[PDF: Blood sugar log (one day) ]

[VIDEO: Checking Your Blood Sugars After Meals]

[PDF: Testing in Pairs]

[VIDEO: Testing in Pairs]

[PDF:360-View ]

[WEBSITE: milligrams/deciliter to milligrams/deciliter Converter]

 Companies That Make Blood Sugar Meters

Abbott Diabetes Care  



Arkray USA

Bayer Contour 

Entra Health Systems


Nipro Diagnostics


Nova Biomedical

Prodigy Diabetes Care


U.S. Diagnostics




Easy-to-understand diabetes self-care information

[PDF:  Blood Sugar Goals]

[PDF: What's My A1c]

[PDF: What's My eAG]

[PDF: Low Blood Sugar]

[PDF: High Blood Sugar]

[PDF: Ketones]

[PDF booklet: Understanding Blood Sugar]


For Diabetes Educators

Glucose Variability and Pattern Management: Way Beyond Logbooks
Speaker: Irl Hirsch, MD – University of Washington Medical Center, Diabetes Care Center, Seattle, WA
Presentation for viewing on your computer

[VIDEOS: 55 short videos from the National Diabetes Education Program]

dLife Videos (topics on all AADE 7 from Healthy Eating to Reducing Risk)