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Distinguished Service Award Of The Year

2018 WADE Distinguished Service Award

Purpose: To recognize an individual who has made significant leadership contributions to WADE and the field of diabetes education in an outstanding manner.

Who can nominate:   Any WADE member can nominate another member or self-nominate for the award.

How to nominate: Electronically submit nominee's name, email address and phone number to Ineke Ojanen, WADE Awards Committee Chair (WACC) by February 1, 2018 ([email protected]).

Candidate Eligibility criteria: Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), active Member of WADE, member of AADE, and six years of experience as a diabetes educator who has volunteered for WADE.

Process: Nominated members will be sent a email from the WADE Awards Committee Chair (WACC) which will include: eligibility criteria, the application, and a personal information form for nominees to complete to be considered for the award.

*Those who nominate and submit a complete award application will be placed into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.

2015 Distinguished Service Award Winner

2015 WADE Distinguished Service award winner is Heather Denis, RD, CDE

Heather has worked tireless with enthusiasm and professionalism to help keep WADE be one of the most successful AADE chapters.  She has shown great leadership as both the annual conference chair and CB chair.  In addition, she has done a lot of  tedious and “heavy lifting” work for WADE also.  She is reliable, dependable and willing to help.  WADE owes her much thanks and she deserves this prestigious award.

Previous winners

2000 Lois Van Ottingham
2001 Susan Wang
2002 Jessie Ahroni
2004 Jan Norman
2005 Randy Elde
2006 Chris Pelto
2007 Ron Kammer
2008 Brenda Montgomery
2009 Jennifer Newell
2010 Kathy Magee
2011 Jennifer Beach
2015 Heather Denis, RD, CDE