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Educator Of The Year

Nomination  for 2016 WADE Diabetes Educator of the Year Award

Purpose:  To recognize an individual who has made contributions to the field of diabetes education in an outstanding and unique manner and who has shown interest and involvement in WADE activities

Who can nominate:  Any WADE member can nominate another member or self-nominate for the award.

How to nominate: Electronically submit nominee's name, email address and phone number to Ineke Ojanen, WADE Awards Committee Chair (WACC) by January 15, 2016 ([email protected]).

Candidate eligibility criteria: Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), active Member of WADE, member of AADE, and three years of experience as a diabetes educator.

Process: Nominated members will be emailed a letter from the WADE Awards Committee Chair (WACC) which will include: eligibility criteria, the application, and a personal information form for nominees to complete to be considered for the award.

2015 Diabetes Educator of the Year

2015 WADE Diabetes Educator of the Year is Kathleen Magee, RN, BSN, CDE.

Kathy works with such a wide range of patient’s and needs.  She is currently involved in work in 5 different settings from Issaquah to Edmonds.  Her pts vary from highly educated to low literacy patients, from 17 year old pregnant pt with twins to 90 year olds, from pts with comfortable lifestyles, Microsoft executives,  to the homeless. Working with such a variety of patient care needs is such a challenge.  Kathy is an active listener with her patients and family to identify their needs, challenges, and goals.

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