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THE BIRTH OF WADE | Presidents of WADE 1982 to 2002 | Officers 1987 to 2001 | WADE's Diabetes Educators of the Year Winners | Distinguished Service Award Winners | WADE Research Award Recipients | WADE Executive Board & Committee Chairs 2005-2006

Washington Association of Diabetes Educators was founded by a group of hardworking and highly motivated health professionals who voluntarily met together to shape our organization. A needs assessment of diabetes educators in Washington State conducted by the Diabetes Control Program of the Department of Health revealed the need to form a "network of diabetes educators to share ideas and provide support for each other". The initial members of the planning committee who volunteered countless hours of time and vision to create this network in 1982 were:
Jan Norman, RD. Diabetes Control Program, Olympia
Carolyn Sannar, RN Virginia Mason Clinic, Seattle
Katy Pearl, RN Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland
Sharon Jasmer, RN Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup
Gail More, RN, Providence Hospital, Everest
Chris Pelto, RN Swedish Hospital, Seattle
Burnoose Dye, RN University of Washington, Seattle
Charlotte Thermion-Johnson, RN United General Hospital, Seder Woolly
Patti McMahon, RN SW Washington Health District, Vancouver 1982 - 1983

The first meeting was held January 18, 1982. In February, the group met to draft the by-laws. Additional meetings were held in March, April, and June. The meetings were held in the homes of members of the committee.

In May, the first letter to recruit membership was mailed. The letter invited Diabetes Educators to join WADE to "1) provide an atmosphere for sharing ideas, techniques and educational materials associated with diabetes education, 2) establish a network of resources to function as a state-wide support group, 3) assume an active role in providing continuing education programs for the health professionals in Washington State involved in diabetes education, 4) stimulate and promote interest in the care and education of people with diabetes, and 5) strive for continuing excellence in the quality of diabetes education in our state. WADE also supports the goals of its parent organization, AADE". Drawn by these goals and a dynamic AIDE Regional Meeting agenda featuring Catty Feast, an unknown at that time, 110 diabetes educators met for the first time on June 9. 1982 at the seat Red Lion Inn. Following that meeting, the first general membership meeting was held for the purpose of establishing its name, The Washington Association of Diabetes Educators, determining its geographical boundaries and electing the first officers.

Approximately 40 people attended this meeting.

Thirty-one people joined WADE as a result of the June 9 meeting and the treasury held $450. During the month of June, a slate of candidates for elective offices for 1983-1984 was compiled.

Officers 1982 to 2001 back to top

President , Carolyn Sannar, RN
President Elect Vicki Brown, RN
Secretary Gail More, RN
Treasurer Chris Pelto, RN

Membership Charlotte Johnson
Program/ Professional
Education Martha Bell-Hart

October 28 1982 in Yakima - Blood Glucose Monitoring Workshop-23 attendees.
April 22-23, 1983 at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane - Featuring Catty Feaste.
June 25, 1993 - Vancouver - Annual Meeting

President Katy Pearl
President-elect Sue Ouelette
Secretary Deborah Sabin-Lamb
Treasurer Chris Pelto

Nominating Carolyn Sannar
Newsletter Judy Advise and aroluyr
Bylaws Patti McMahon
Program/Professional Ed Vicki Brown and Dave Cook
Membership Lucy Matteson
Reimbursement Jan Norman and Carolina Saner

October 21,1983 in Seattle- First WADE/AADE Meeting "DIABETES: AN OVERVIEW OF CURRENT CONCEPTS" June 16, 1984 2nd Annual Meeting, Spokane "NEW HORIZONS FOR DIABETES CONTROL"

First WADE Newsletter published February 1983
The Executive Committee voted to reimburse travel expenses for committee members travelling more than 200 miles to a meeting
Membership reached 72 General Members and 12 Sustaining Members

President Sue Omelette
President Elect Linda Haas
Secretary Debbie Sabin-Lamb
Treasurer Chris Pelto

Nominating Katy Pearl
Membership Jan Norman
Third Party Reimbursement Martha Bell-Hart
Program/Professional Ed. Marcia Madsen-Pever
Constitution/Bylaws Carolyn Sannar
Chapter Recognition Debbie Sabin-Lamb
Newsletter Judy Advise and Gary Harris

February 1985 in Seattle "Changing Behaviors" June 28-29, 1985 in Tacoma Third Annual Meeting "Diabetes: How Big A Problem Is It?"

Received Aide’s Outstanding Chapter Award

Added Third Party Reimbursement and Chapter Recognition as standing committees.
Changed fiscal year to coincided with Aide’s fiscal year.
Collaborated with AADE on a series of professional education tapes for nursing home personnel.
Membership reached 105.
First Annual Executive Committee Retreat in September.
Executive Committee decided to meet bimonthly
Fiscal year was changed to September 1 to August 30 to coincide with AADE’s fiscal year.

President Linda Haas
President Elect Marcia Madsen-Pever
Secretary Dave Cook
Treasurer Katy Pearl

Nominating Martha Bell-Hart
Membership Margaret O Leery
Newsletter Judy Advise and Chris Pelto
Third Party Reimbursement David Chives
Standards Jan Norman
Bylaws Carolyn Sannar
Annual Meeting Debbie Sabin
Professional Education Sue Ouelette

June 6-7, 1996 in Yakima Annual Meeting
Measuring Up Workshops on National Standards held in Yakima, Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver, and Olympia.

Won AADE's Outstanding Chapter Award for the second year in a row.

Held the first annual Executive Committee Retreat at Camp Houston.
Established the Research committee
Membership reached 131.
Linda Haas was nominated for the AIDE Board of Directors

President Marcia Madsen-Pever
President Elect Judy Advise
Secretary C. Katy Cooley
Treasurer Katy Pearl

Newsletter Chris Pelto and Martha Bell-Hart
Professional Education Sue Ouelette
Annual Meeting Melody Kue
Public Affairs Carolyn Sannar
Bylaws Margaret O Leary
Research Linda Haas
Book Review Linda Haas
Membership Mary Fran Chapman
Nominating Linda Haas

October 24-25,1986 in ‘86’, Scientific Advances" co-sponsored by AADE and Wade
June 26-27, 1987 Annual Meeting in Everett

First WADE Diabetes Educator of the Year Award to Jan Norman

First Certification exam held October 16. Study groups were formed in several areas to prepare members for taking the exam.
The policy to assist in the payment of expenses of going to the AADE Annual Meeting for the President or President Elect.
Changed the name of the Third Party Reimbursement Committee to Public Affairs.
WADE began submitting Book Reviews to The Diabetes Educator.
Bylaws were changed to include Book Review and Research as standing committees.
Five WADE members gave presentations at the AADE Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida.
The Nursing Home tapes were completed and were presented at the poster session at the AADE Annual Meeting.
Membership reached 143.

President Judy Davis
President Elect Carolyn Sannar
Secretary Dave Cook
Treasurer Gary Harris

Newsletter Chris Pelto and Kathy Perala
Professional Education Sue Ouelette
Annual Meeting Merrillann Hutchinson
Public Affairs Ann Brittain
Standards Kathy Linnell
Constitution and Bylaws Carol Malcom
Research Terin Guinn
Book Review Linda Haas
Membership Jan Norman
Nominating Marcia Madsen-Pever

January 8, 1988 - Seattle - Dinner meeting with ADA featuring June Bierman and Barbara Toohey
MARCH 24, 1988 - Bellevue - Dinner Dr. Robert Mecklenberg on insulin delivery systems.
April 15, 1988 - Tacoma - Dinner meeting featuring diabetes and pregnancy.
June 24-25 Snoqualmie Falls - WADE Annual Meeting

WADE Diabetes Educator of the year award to Lucy Matteson

Created a new Executive Committee "AADA Liaison" .
Membership total of 149.

1988 - 1989
President Carolyn Sannar
President Elect Merrillann Hutchinson
Secretary Ann Brittain
Treasurer Lucy Matteson
Newsletter VanOttingham and Eileen Paul
Professional Education Jackie Siegel Eileen Paul
Annual Meeting Judy Perala (relieved),
Public Affairs Emily Holing
Standards Kathy Linnell
Constitution and Bylaws Carol Malcom
Research Terin Guinn
Book Review Debbie Sabin
Membership Cindy Mukai-Kelley and Jan Norman
Nominating Judy Davis
AADE Annual Meeting Carl Knirk
AADE Liaison Linda Haas

February 13 in Tacoma with State Smitherman to discuss introducing a bill to require third party payers to pay for diabetes education.
April 26 SeaTac Double Tree Inn First dinner and mini-meeting featuring Marilyn Franz on "National Controversy in Diabetes"
August AADE Annual Meeting in Seattle- there was no WADE
Annual Meeting held because of the AADE meeting, only a Business meeting was held on August 21.

Diabetes Educator of the Year Award to Jan Roth. WADE members worked with ADA Washington Affiliate to organise and host the AADE annual meeting. Chairpersons were:
Host Committee - Marcia Madsen-Pever and Carl Knirk were charged with responsibility for Hospitality, VIP,
Promotion and Publicity (Carl) and Nutrition, Registration, andArrangements (Marcia)
Program Committee - Carolyn Sannar
Mini Sessions - Jan Norman
Proceedings Manual - Carol Malcom
Wade members stuffed 1600 registration packets for meeting !
Nursing Home tapes completed and ready for use. Several Board Members volunteered to go to institutions with the tapes to answer questions
Many members participated in the effort to pass Senate bill 5957 mandating third party payment for abetes education.
Membership reached 162.
Set up a "Human Resources Bank" for providing assistance and information members applying for ADA Recognition for their Diabetes Education programs.
Linda Haas received the "Nurse in Washington Internship" from AADE.

1989 - 1990
President Merrillann Hutchinson
President Elect Jan Norman
Secretary Carol Malcom
Treasurer Lucy Matteson

Newsletter Eileen Paul and Lois VanOttingham
Professional Education Jackie Siegel
Annual Meeting Carla Gentry
Public Affairs Emily Holing
Standards Kathy Linnell
Constitution and Bylaws Esther Furugori
Research Mary Fran Kennedy-Chapman
Book Review Debbie Sabin
Membership Cindy Mukai-Kelley/Penny Doyle
Nominating Carolyn Sannar

October 19, 1989 in Tacoma - "Third Party Reimbursement" The Kick-off meeting for the push for mandated third party reimbursement.
April 1990 in Seattle - dinner meeting "The Poor and Diabetes" Speakers were Chris Moore and Liz Harris
June 22-23 in Coeur d’Alene, ID Annual Meeting

Diabetes Educator of the year award to Margaret O’Leary.
Jan Norman was elected to the National Certification Board for Diabetes Education.
Emily Holing received Diabetes Educator of the Year Award from American Diabetes Association, Washington Affiliate.
Carol Malcom was elected to the Presidency of ADA, Washington Affiliate.
Lucy Matteson Elected to the Presidency of Diabetes Association of Pierce County.
Membership reached 143.

President Jan Norman
President Elect Eileen Paul
Secretary Christy Lutcher
Treasurer Lucy Matteson

Newsletter Carla Gentry and Lois Van Ottingham
Progessional education Marcia Madsen-Pever
Annual Meeting Debby Nagusky
Public Affairs Jan Roth and Kathy Johnson
Standards/Quality Assurance Debby Jackson
Constitution and Bylaws Esther Furugori
Book Review Jessie Ahroni
Membership Penny Doyle and Chris Pelto
Nominating Merrillann Hutchinson
AADE Liaison Linda Haas
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November 9,1990 and April 12, 1991 With ADA, Diabetes and Pregnancy in Bellingham October 6, 1990 at Valley Medical Centre. Co-Dependency Workshop June 6-7, 1991 in Bellevue. "From Basics Forward".
June 7-8, 1991 in Bellevue. WADE Annual Meeting

Wade Diabetes Educator of the Year Award to Lois Van Ottingham.
Keith Campbell awarded AADE Distinguished Service Award
Jan Norman elected President Elect for NCBDE
New member Mentor Program initiated.
Changed the "Standards" committee to "Quality Assurance".
Membership was 124
Published "A Directory of Diabetes Education Programs" for the state.

President Eileen Paul
President Elect Debby Nagusky/Mary McGregor
Secretary Vicki Brown
Treasurer Lucy Matteson

Professional Education Kathy Fitzpatrick
Annual Meeting Mary McGregor
Public Affairs Martha Bell-Hart/Marian Papenhausen
Quality Assurance Debby Jackson
Bylaws Donna Radcliffe
Book Review Jessie Ahroni
Membership Penny Doyle
Nominating Jan Norman
AADE Liaison Linda Haas

Seattle Journal Club met bimonthly.
Tacoma/Olympia Journal Club met bimonthly.
March 3, 1992 - Diabetes and Pregnancy workshop.
March 20-21, 1991 in SeaTac. "From Basics Forward". May 8-9, 1992 at Tacoma Sheraton Hotel. WADE Annual Meeting.

Diabetes Educator of the Year to Linda Haas.
Membership reached 125.
Members participated in urging their Congressmen to support the Medicare bill mandating payment for diabetes education.

President Mary McGregor
President Elect Jessie Ahroni
Secretary Vicki Brown
Treasurer Susie Wang

Annual Meeting Teresa McMahon
Book Review Ruth Farkas-Hirsch
Bylaws/Historian Carol Malcom
Membership Jeanne Harmon
Minority Affairs/Outreach Lani Tsai
Newsletter Carla Gentry/Lois Van Ottingham
Nominating Eileen Paul
Professional Education Kathy Fitzpatrick
Public Affairs Marian Papenhausen
Quality Assurance Kristine Moore
Research Martha Price
AADE :Liaison Linda Haas
ADA Liaison Penny Doyle

October 20, 1992 in Bellevue. Empowerment Workshop.
May 14-15, 1993 in Leavenworth. WADE Annual Meeting

Diabetes Educator of the Year Award to Marcia Madsen.
AADE Social Service Award to Gwen Hosey.
Membership reached 165.

President Jessie Ahroni
President Elect Jeanne Harmon
Past President Mary McGregor
Secretary Teresa McMahon
Treasurer Susie Wang

Standing Committees
Annual Meeting Penny Doyle
Book Review Ruth Farkas-Hirsch
Bylaws/Historian Carol Malcom
Membership Lynn Sadowsky
Newsletter Carla Gentry/Lois Van Ottingham
Nominating Mary McGregor
Professional Education Kathy Fitzpatrick
Political Action Kathy Johnson
Ad Hoc
Community Outreach Lani Tsai
Public Awareness Mary McGregor/Jeanne Harmon
Quality Assurance Dora Davis
Research Martha Price
AADE Liaison Jan Norman
ADA Liaison Penny Doyle

Legislative Training program with Washington State Dietetic Association.
February 3 at South Center Doubletree "Celebrating Women’s Sexuality" March 11 in Seattle. Networking dinner.
March 18-19 in Spokane. From Basics Forward.
May 20-21 in Lynnwood. Annual Meeting.

Diabetes Educator of the Year Award to Carol Malcom.
Wade provided four scholarship for health care providers serving undeserved populations. Two were used for From Basics Forward and two were used for the Annual Meeting.
Updated and republished the Diabetes Education Program directory.
Membership reached 174 active, 45 newsletter, 13 outreach, 13 corporate (219 total).
Several WADE members at public hearings of the Health Services Commission throughout the state. The membership was actively involved in Washington State Health Care Reform by speaking before and monitoring committees. WADE awarded a Research Award for research in the area of Diabetes Education.

1994-1995, 238 members
President, Jeanne Harmon
Past President, Jessie Ahroni
Secretary, Teresa McMahon
Treasurer, Susie Wang

Annual Meeting, Ginny Lewis
Book Review, Ruth Farkas-Hirsch
Bylaws, Carol Malcom
Membership, Lynn Sadowsky
Newsletter, Debbe Sabin, Jessie Ahroni, Lois VanOttingham
Nominating, Jessie Ahroni
Professional Ed, Dora Davis
Public Affairs, Mary McGregor
Outreach, Lani Tsai
Quality Assurance, Mary Frances Kennedy
Research, Martha Price
AADE Liaison, Jan Norman
ADA, Linda Haas

From Wishing to Having: Fostering Change in Yourself, Your Patients and Your Organisation
Oct. 21, 1994, Bellevue.
Networking dinner in Spokane with Irl Hirsch, MD Jan. 17, 1995
From Basics Forward April 7-8 1998 115 people attended in Bellevue.
Nov. 17 held at Cavanaugh’s Inn, Spokane
NIDDM Conference in June 23,1995 with Bristol Myers 87 people attended at Shoreline.
Annual Meeting was at Lake Chelan April 21-22, 1995

Wade Educator of the Year to Martha Bell-Hart
Wade members continued to actively lobby for mandating third part reimbursement for diabetes education.
Jan Norman received a Public Policy Maker of the Year Award from Wash. State Dietetic Assoc.
Group meets with Gov. Lowry to proclaim Oct 31-Nov. 6 National Diabetes Week
Several networking dinners held with success.
Hired lobbyist for the Olympia Capital with ADA
Voice mail set up.
Linda Haas acknowledged for being given the Distinguished Service Award by AADE.
WADE Banner purchased.

President, Dora Davis
President Elect, Teresa McMahon
Past President, Jeanne Harmon
Secretary, Lois Van Ottingham
Treasurer, Susie Wang

Annual Meeting, Steve Ryder
Book Review, Ruth Frakas-Hirsch
Bylaws and Historian, Carol Malcom
Membership, Lynn Sadowsky
Newsletter, Jessie Ahroni, Judy Joly
Nominating, Jeanne Harmon
Professional Education, Joanne Williamson
Political Action, Debby Jackson

Outreach, Lani Tsai
Public Affairs, Connie Rockhill
Quality Assurance, Mary Fran Kennedy
Research, Martha Price

AADE, Jan Norman
ADA, Debby Jackson

Sept 28, 1995 in Seattle—Networking Dinner
Oct. 19, 1995 in Spokane—Networking Dinner
Nov. 17, 1995 in Spokane "New Approaches to NIDDM"
April 12-13 1996 in Bellevue – From Basics Forward
May 9, 1996 in Stevenson, Wa. ASIDE Principles of Education.

Mary McGregor received WADE’s Educator of the Year award.
"If I Knew Then What I Know Now" National Diabetes Month rally Nov. 4th at the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza.

WADE joined with ADA to co-fund the hiring of a lobbyist to promote legislation promoting adequate insurance coverage for diabetes education
Diabetes Program Directory revised and published
Membership totalled 250
Ruth Farkas-Hirsch received ADA’s Diabetes Educator of the Year award.

President Teresa McMahon
President-Elect Susie Wang
Past-President Dora Davis
Secretary Lois Van Ottingham
Treasurer Lynn Sadowsky

Annual Meeting Sandy Sinnes
Book Review Barbara Kelly
Bylaws & Historian Carol Malcom
Membership Suzanne Lambeth
Newsletter Jessie Ahroni
Nominating Dora Davis
Outreach Lani Tsai
Profession Education Joanne Williamson
Political Action Debby Jackson
Public Affairs Connie Rockhill
Research Brenda Montgomery

AADE Jan Norman
ADA- National Linda Haas
ADA- Regional Marcia Madsen

Oct. 17 in Seattle- Managed Care Conference co-sponsored with AADE
Nov. in Woodland- Networking dinner.
Dec. in Seattle - Networking dinner,
May 2-3 in Ocean Shores Annual Meeting :"The Winds of Change: Let’s Fly Together".

Jeanne Harmon received WADE Diabetes Educator of the Year Award.
Membership totalled 231
Bylaws were revised to make them consistent with AADE’s Bylaws.
Continued to co-support with ADA, Washington Affiliate, a lobbyist for insurance reform.
Presented a $1000. Scholarship to an active WADE member to be used for attendance at
AADE’s Annual Meeting.

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President Susie Wang
President-elect Connie Rockhill
Past-President Teresa McMahon
Secretary Denise Jameson
Treasurer Jessie Ahroni

Annual Meeting Hannah Kuhn
Book Review Barbara Kelly
Bylaws/Historian Joanne Williamson
Legislative Affairs Janet Wolfram
Membership Suzanne Lambeth
Newsletter Brock Nyberg and Lois Van Ottingham
Professional Ed. Marian Papenhousen
Public Affairs Pauline Sheehan
Research Brenda Montgomery
Nominating Jessie Ahroni

AADE Jan Norman
ADA-National Linda Haas
ADA-Washington Marcia Madsen

April 20-21 "Diabetes Education: Moving Beyond the Basics."
April 24-25 WADE Annual Meeting in Winthrop
May 29 networking dinner with Catherine Feste

May 7th, 1997 Gov. Loche signed the Diabetes Cost Reduction Act
Aug. 24th Jan Norman is installed as AADE President in Denver, Co
Jessie Ahroni receives Ph.D.!!!!

Brenda Montgomery gets Distinguished Staff Award
Chris Pelto received Educator of the Year Award
Jill Armstrong given Research Grant from WADE

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President Connie Rockhill
President Elect Mary Fran Kennedy
Past President Susan Wang
Secretary Margaret O’Leary
Treasurer Hannah Kuhn

Annual Meeting Teresa McMahon/Jeanne Harmon
Book Review Barbara Kelly
Bylaws and Historian Joanne Williamson
Membership Leslie Merklin
Newsletter Brock Nyberg
Outreach Lani Tsai
Political Action Jan Wolfram
Professional Education Renata Riley
Public Awareness Lynne Roy
Research Brenda Montgomery
ADA Liaison, National Linda Haas
ADA Liaison, Regional Marcia Madsen

May 21-22 Annual Meeting at Semi-ah-moo
Co-sponsored program with Diabetes Control Program June 16-17.1999

Jill Shultz and Maureen Sprague the 1997 Research Award recipients submitted their article for publication.
Webpage ‘’wadepage.org” was born via Susie Wang
Jessie Ahroni, PhD ARNP wrote an article for Diabetes Care
"Control your diabetes For Life" cards were distributed to members.
Wade offers to become a mentor chapter to other AADE chapters
Wade members active in “diabetes in the schools” project.

Suzanne Lambeth and Constance Koal are the 1998 Research award recipients.
Joanne Hanson, Woodinville Pediatrics wins the Diabetes Of the Year Award.

President Mary Fran Kennedy
President-Elect Brenda Montgomery
Secretary Margaret O’Leary
Treasurer Hannah Kuhn

Annual Meeting Jackie Siegel and Gail Vanairsdale
Book Review Patricia Swenka
Bylaws and Historian Joanne Williamson
Legislative Jan Wolfram
Membership Kathy Fitzpatrick
Newsletter Chris Pelto
Nominating Debbie Jackson, Sarah Catton, and Connie Rockhill
Outreach Leslie Merklin
Professional Education Renata Riley
Public Awareness Lynne Roy
Research Brenda Montgomery
AADE Liaison Jan Norman
ADA liaison, national Linda Haas
ADA liaison, regional

Annual meeting was held at The Sleeping Lady Lodge in Leavenworth, June 2-3,2000
The theme was High Tech, High Touch in the Year of 2000.
From Basics Forward Oct 1-2 in Bellevue 31 people attended
New Approaches to Type 2 Diabetes Oct. 16 in Leavenworth 34 people attended.

168 Current membership
Linda Haas RN, received the Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Nursing for 1999.
Feb 11, 2000 Diabetes Day At The Capitol.
Christina Malsam. RN, CDE was this year’s Diabetes Educator of the Year
Lois Van Ottingham, RN, CDE was the first recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.

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2000-2001 Board of Directors Officers
President Brenda Montgomery, RN
President-elect Dee Jameson, RN, MN, CDE
Past President Mary Frances Kennedy- Chapman RN, MS, CDE
Secretary Margaret O’Leary, RD, CD, CDE
Treasurer Hannah Kuhn, MSN, RNC, CDE|
Annual Meeting Jackie Siegel, ARNP, CDE
Book Review Patricia Swenka, BSN, RN, CDE
Bylaws and Historian Donna Hamilton, RN, CDE
Legislative Action Jan Wolfram, RN, CDE
Membership Kathy Fitzpatrick, RN, MN, CDE
Newsletter Chris Pelto RN, CDE
Nominating Mary Frances Kennedy-Chapman
Elected Members Alison Evert RD, CDE and Ann Hendon RN, CDE
Outreach Sarah Catton, RN, BSN, CDE
Professional Education Renata Riley. ARNP, PA-C, CDE
Public Awareness Kelly Van Horn RD, CDE
Research Lois VanOttingham RN, CDE
DCP Liaison Jan Norman, RD, CDE
ADA Liaison Clair Sagiv, ADA Area Executive Director
Web Master Susie Wang, MS, RD, CDE

Annual Meeting
June 1 and 2, 2001 at Shilo Inn,
Ocean Shores, WA.
“Clues to Solving Some Diabetes Education Puzzles “
“Diabetes Education – From Standards to Outcomes “
September 15, 2000
2001 WADE Diabetes Educator of the Year award to
Kathy Fitzpatrick, RN, MN, CDE -Bellevue
Distinguished Service to WADE Award to
Susie Wang MS, RD, CD, CDE--Redmond
WADE Research Award to
Carla Gentry, RN, BSN, CDE
Membership: 168 active members
Mailing list subscribers: 199
Diabetes Education Sites with Medicaid Reimbursement
prior to HCFA regulations: 52,
after HCFA regulations: 20
CDE’s in Washington State: 289

WADE's Diabetes Educators of the Year
1987 Jan Norman
1988 Lucy Matteson
1989 Jan Roth
1990 Margaret O’Leary
1991 Lois Van Ottingham
1992 Linda Haas
1993 Marcia Madsen-Miller
1994 Carol Malcom
1995 Martha Bell-Hart
1996 Mary McGregor
1997 Jeanne Harmon
1998 Chris Pelto
1999 Joanne Hanson
2000 Christina Malsam
2001 Kathy Fitzpatrick
2002 Hannah Kuhn
2004 Ginny Lewis
2005 Alison B Evert, RD, CDE
2006 Syusan Ruedebusch
2007 Linda Castine
2008 Lauri Payne
2009 Eileen Paul
2010 Martha Price
2011 Debby Jackson


Presidents of WADE
1982 Carolyn Sannar
1983 Kathy Perla
1984 Sue Ouellette
1985 Linda Haas
1986 Marcia Madsen-Miller
1987 Judy Davis
1988 Carolyn Sannar
1989 Merrillann Hutchinson
1990 Jan Norman
1991 Eileen Paul
1992 Mary McGregor
1993 Jessie Ahroni
1994 Jeanne Harmon
1995 Dora Davis
1996 Teresa McMahon
1997 Susie Wang
1998 Connie Rockhill
1999 Mary Fran Kennedy
2000 Brenda Montgomery
2001 Dee Jamison
2002 Dave Cook
2003 Chris Pelto
2004 Jackie Siegel
2005 Kathleen M. Givan
2006 Jennifer Newell
2007 Randi Elde
2008 Pat Haldi
2009 Pat Haldi
2010 Jennifer Beach
2011 Cindy Brinn

Distinguished Service Award
2000 Lois Van Ottingham
2001 Susan Wang
2002 Jessie Ahroni
2004 Jan Norman
2005 Randy Elde
2006 Chris Pelto
2007 Ron Kammer
2008 Brenda Montgomery
2009 Jennifer Newell
2010 Kathy Magee
2011 Jennifer Beach

WADE Research Award Recipients
1997 Jill Armstrong, PHD
1999 Suzanne Lambeth, MA CDE and Constance Loal, RN, CDE (change in diabetes education at their institution so funding was returned to WADE)
2000 Stphanie Ahlgren, RD -- Stephen Setter, RPh Cynthia Corbett, PhD, RN -- Brain Gates, PharmD -- David Cook RN, CDE
2001 Carla Gentry, RN, CDE -- Dee Jameson, RN,CDE and Nancy Wickre, ARNP,CDE (declined after grant awarded)
2002 M. Louise Collins, RN, CDE -- Peggy Soule Odegegard, PharmD

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WADE Executive Board & Committee Chairs 2005-2006

President - Kathleen M. Givan RN, CDE [email protected]
work: Harborview Medical Center, 206-341-4623, FAX-206-731-8522,

President– Elect - Jennifer Newell [email protected]
W – 425-228-3440 x5879 Fax – 206-215-2457
Valley Medical Center

Past President - Jacqueline Siegel RN, CDE [email protected] or [email protected]
Work: Virginia Mason Medical 206-341-0952, FAX-206-223-2313

Secretary - Alison Evert [email protected]
Work: Woodinville Pediatrics 206-215-2453 fax:206-215-2457

Treasurer - Lois Reed RN, CDE [email protected]
Work: Evergreen Hospital, 425-899-2651

Legislative - and Shirley Vacanti [email protected] and [email protected]
Pat Haldi Work: St. Lukes Rehab Inst, 509-838-4771 x.6552, Fax – 509-473-6286
Shirley Vacanti Work: Children’s Hospital & Medical Center 206-528-2616, FAX 206-528-2720

Newsletter - Martha Wells [email protected]

Research - Brenda Montgomery RN, CDE [email protected]
Work: University of Washington, 206-768-5215

Webmaster - Ron Kammer RN, CDE [email protected]
Work: St Mary Medical Center 509 525 3320 ext 2822
Please E mail Barb Lee RN to post items to the calendar of events page: [email protected]

Annual Meeting - Marcelle Thurston [email protected]
Work: Harborview Medical Center, 206-941-6346

Bylaws and Historian - Linda Castine [email protected]
Employer: High Point Medical Clinic

Nominating - Laura Wintersteen-Arleth, RN, MN, CDE, [email protected]
Jacqueline Siegel RN, CDE [email protected]
Eileen Paul, RD, CD, CDE, CDE [email protected]

Membership - Susie Wang RD, CDE [email protected]
Work: Evergreen Diabetes & Endocrinology

Professional Education - Brenda Montgomery RN, CDE [email protected]

Public Awareness - Sarah Rosenbloom and Laura Wintersteen-Arleth, RN, MN, CDE [email protected] and [email protected]

Deborah Belknap, RN, CDE  Educator of the year 2013

Debbie is currently working at Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) Community Wellness in Spokane, as a diabetes educator.   She recently received her service award for 25 years working at INHS.  She develops new programs, teaches classes, and works 1:1 with all types of diabetes patients.  Debbie has provided diabetes education to the people of Spokane in settings that vary from worksite wellness presentations to rural health clinics to a pediatric endocrinology office.  Over the years Debbie has shown a willingness to try almost any format or setting if it will promote increased understanding of diabetes among her patients. Debbie has been a proven regional resource for diabetes education.  She routinely goes out of her way to provide the most current and effective strategies for diabetes education to her patients and the community.  Debbie not only provides education and management services to patients in Spokane, but she travels weekly to surrounding rural communities that lack access to a certified diabetes educator. 



Debby Jackson RD, CD, MEd, CDE, WADE Diabetes Educator Of The Year 2011

Debby Jackson, nicknamed “Splenda”, is a registered dietitian who is also ADA certified in childhood and adolescent weight management. Currently Jackson works as a diabetes nutrition educator for the Endocrine & Diabetes Clinic at Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center. Jackson’s peers described her as having many talents as an educator. Her inherent ability in making the complex seem simple has been instrumental in the development of multiple educational resources. These resources are reported to be simple, easy to read and most important, easy to remember. An example is word rubrics that are easy to memorize such as: TAB, Timing, Amount, & Balance.


Martha Price, DSNc, ARNP, CDE 2010 Diabetes Educator of the Year

She is described as a humble individual never boasting about her accomplishments.  Her peers picture her as the driving force behind many of the positive changes accomplished at Group Health Cooperative.  Naming just a few to keep the list brief; she co-authored and produced  written patient education manuals for use in primary care at GHC (named “The Right Track Notebook (s)”, and helped design an on line patient information site (called the Diabetes Condition Center), and created and maintains the GHC network plan for insulin pumps ( “The Insulin Pump Handbook).Her roles as researcher and consultant to ongoing research projects (Center for Health Studies and CQI) have allowed her to participate in working with the GHC clinical delivery system teams to build evidence based guidelines for diabetes clinical care and help establish best practice guidelines for both medicine and nursing.

 Educator of the Year 2009 - Eileen Paul

This year’s winner’s influence and strength are apparent when you meet her.  Her encouraging words make me believe that I can make a difference in my world.  She recognizes the value of being a team player and has a knack of bring this quality out in others. She has served as a member of the medical staff at diabetes camps for kids, has been a long time member of WADE, and held many offices for WADE.
 Eileen is a true educator, and has a talent for translating her knowledge into life skills and usable recommendations.  Acting as nutrition editor of “Northwest Health” magazine, Eileen would research her topic to provide practical tips and come up with new approaches to the same old problems.  She networks closely with other educators and facilities, making the reputation of her program strong.

Laurie Payne RN, CDE  Educator of the Year 2008

Laurie has been a diabetes educator for 21 years and is highly respected in her role as educator in the Spokane community. She regularly participates in presenting education forums to the general public and has been seen on local television addressing questions of diabetes care. Some notable professional achievements include developing workable strategies for adapting diabetes education to video conferencing for outlying rural areas including completing assessments, showing use of SMBG and doing insulin starts. In the absence of person to person contact she found ways to empower patients to develop their own meal and exercise plans. She has also adapted diabetes education techniques to meet the needs of Latino and pediatric populations. In addition, Laurie is part of the medical staff at camp “Fun in the Sun” for 2 weeks each summer.