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For website access information, ie password, user ID,  please use this link  FAQ page  to check the  Frequently Asked Questions re: the website.   If you still have problems or you are unable to log in because you think that you have been blocked or not activated in error, please contact our membership committee.

Below you will find contact information for our current board members and committee chairpersons. If you don't know who to contact please e mail our  President Elect,Cindy Brinn, MPH,RD,CDE,BC-ADM. If you have a specific question or suggestion for this Web site please e mail our webmaster Ron Kammer RN, CDE.


Mailing address:

1730 Minor Ave Suite 920
Seattle, WA 98101


WADE Board Members 2010-2011
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President, Cindy Brinn, MPH,RD,CDE,BC-ADM

Secretary, Jennifer Okemah

Treasurer, Kathy Magee, RN, CDE


Annual Conference & Legislative Pat Haldi, MN, RN, CDE

Bylaws and Historian Linda Castine, BSN, RN, CDE 

Membership (co-chairs) Susie Wang, MS, RD, CD, CDE & Teri Carpentier, RN, CDE

Professional Education Western Washington Heather Denis RD CD CDE CPT HCA

Professional Education Eastern Washington Laurie E Payne RD, MS, CDE

Newsletter Candace Clark RD CDE

Public Awareness (co-chairs) Caroline Hudders, MS, RN & Teri Carpentier, RN


Webmaster Ron Kammer, RN, CDE

Research Brenda Montgomery, RN, BSN, CDE 

Member Benefits Cindy Brinn, MPH,RD,CDE,BC-ADM

DPCP Liaison Jeanne Harmon, RD, MBA, CDE 

ADA Liaison 

DNLT (Diabetes Network Leadership Team) Liason Chris Pelto RN CDE