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My AADE Network: Transitions for the future of WADE

We have some exciting changes headed our way! AADE has found a very innovative way to restructure things as a way to improve member experience. They are calling it “My AADE Network”, and it revolutionizes the way the traditional chapter operates. Some key points:
• There will no longer be a “board” but rather a statewide governing body. This is not a big change for our chapter since we already operate statewide, but will be a big change for some states with multiple chapters throughout, like California.
• There will be an all-new, member-only social networking site where all AADE members can chat. Think similar to Facebook only for members. The challenge just using Facebook is that it is not set up for groups to use, so this will give us the social networking aspect we have been trying to add.
• It will provide a “Web portal” for members, much like a website. Many chapters do not have our great website, so this will be nice for them. We have been assured that we would not have to abandon our site and that individual chapters’ sites will be tied into this web portal. Registration for events (much like we recently purchased from CVent) will also be available through AADE.
• Local networking groups can form within the state so that geographically similar members can meet and plan events, etc, with help of the governing body and AADE. This is akin to how many states have multiple chapters, these will now be called “local networking groups”. The challenge we will have is developing local networking groups vs fostering a natural development of these by current members.
• The labor-intensive administrative work done by individual chapters previously will now be done by AADE such as accounting, bylaws, membership collection, etc. This will be nice to take some of these off our plate, but offers a whole new set of challenges/questions that do not all have exact answers yet.
• The transition is set to take place for all chapters by Spring of 2011.
• We will not be holding elections for president this year as that particular structure may be changing, but a transition team will be put into place comprised of interested current board members and potentially key past board members/stakeholders.
• Questions or concerns about this should be directed to either myself or Cindy Brinn. We hope to set up phone conferences or webinars in the near future to help spread the word.

My AADE Network Web Portal

A new model for enhancing the way we connect and affiliate with one another
On August 2nd My AADE Network will be launched. This feature will allow you to more fully engaged in topics that are meaningful to you. It will provide WADE members with an easy-to-access method of networking, mentoring, coaching and continuing education. My AADE Network will be used to quickly get the word out, to provide timely reminders of events and to build on events by sharing knowledge.
Here is a short list of what My AADE Network will do:
• The News module enables you to post the latest news to share with other WADE members. You can submit a news story for approval, and read news that other users have posted.
• You can subscribe to forum topics. Forums are two-way communication lists, enabling you to ask questions of other WADE members. They are a great way to encourage discussion and communication between members.
• Create and participate in blogs. Use your blog express your views, share best practices, or demonstrate your knowledge on a particular topic.
• Create your own page. You will have the option of customizing the page to add your personal flair. You may add a YouTube video, slideshows, post an article and much more.
You DO need to be an AADE member to have access to the full My AADE Network; however, non-AADE local members will be able to view upcoming events and programs such as the WADE annual conference.


Website Report
Submitted by Ron Kammer RN CDE
  1. Sound files to be added to our website and available for free to members of WADE

    Presentations from the annual conference have received high marks and have been rated as one of the greatest benefits of being a WADE member. For the last several years we have been posting the slides of nearly all of the presentations (still available to members at http://www.wadepage.org/node/60 ). We are now planning to add sound files for the 2010 conference. Many members will find just the sound file itself useful as it is possible upload it to their MP3 player or burn a CD and listen to it while driving. You may even want to download both to your computer open the corresponding slide presentation then play the sound file while you click through the slides!


    Web site activity for 31 days in August

    We had over 900 unique visitors to our website in August 2009. A majority of the visits are just to the home page. Here are the top 10 other pages:

    Job postings www.wadepage.org/node/29 252 visits

  2. Diabetes programs in Washington State www.wadepage.org/node/19 210 visits

  3. In Memoriam (Karen Louise Goldstein ) www.wadepage.org/node/399 169 visits

  4. For professionals menu page www.wadepage.org/node/5 91 hits

  5. Join WADE page www.wadepage.org/node/14 81 visits

  6. Calendar of events about Annual Diabetes Update later this month www.wadepage.org/node/389 74 hits

  7. For the Public menu page www.wadepage.org/node/3 74 visits

  8. Links for professionals www.wadepage.org/node/28 69 hits

  9. WADE annual meeting www.wadepage.org/node/16 69 hits

  10. Contact us page www.wadepage.org/node/4 61 hits


Problems with internet explorer version 6

Any one using internet explorer version 6 will have “distortions” when viewing some pages on our web site. They may notice large blank areas on pages and text that overlaps. To fix this down load the latest version of internet explorer or use another browser (like Firefox or Safari).




June 30, 2009 WADE Website report

Submitted by Ron Kammer Webmaster

You may notice that the front page has a different look. The photo background at the top of the page changes with the seasons. The summer photo that is currently up is an eastern Washington farm in early summer (photos from around Washington State will be used). I tried to give the home page a “WADE newsletter look” without giving away all the content of the newsletter.  The postings under “What’s New” will change completely with each newsletter. I have posted a paragraph or two of a few articles from the newsletter with a link to read more. In most cases the “read more link” will go to a member’s only page (some articles may be part of the public pages). Postings are added to home page even after the newsletter is published (currently there is an article about volunteers needed for summer camp).

 The membership directory is now automatically updated every day. There is both a webpage version and a PDF file for printing. See: http://www.wadepage.org/directory/html

 We now have the capability of adding larger files this may include short videos (less than 10 minuets) and sound files (hour or more each). I have embedded seven videos from dLife: http://www.wadepage.org/node/367  Uploading short videos like these is ok and I believe useful for patient teaching (I used these in a group class). I am going to do a test of uploading a sound file and slides from a CME that was done at our hospital recently. When I get this done and posted to the website I will let board members know. If it works we should consider purchasing a digital recorder (about $200) and make sound files as well as slides from the 2010 meeting available to members of WADE.  It may be possible to sync the sound to the slides; I will give it a try. We could also have the slides and the sound files uploaded separately then members could download these to their computer and listen to the sound file and click through the slides (or just down load the sound file to their iPod).

Changes Are Coming To Our Website


Submitted by Ron Kammer RN CDE

In the coming weeks you will notice a number of changes to the site as we work to make it more user-friendly and focused on the specific needs of our members and public users. The site will be presenting a new look and advanced features and functionality. The main driver for the changes to the website is the need to make it a more effective resource for you, our members.
The immediate changes to the site include:
•    An enhanced site presentation and navigation tools as well as a clearer and more logical content flow to make the site more user-friendly
•    A home page that will reflect the WADE newsletter currently published every two months. ‘News items’ on the home page will keep you regularly updated on WADE activities.  We will still have a print friendly version of the newsletter and an archive of back issues.
•    Relocation of the upcoming events calendar to allow members and public users to keep-up-to-date with WADE events.
•    Access for members to slides and handouts of the WADE annual meetings and other events.
•    The ability to upload larger files with plans to add pod casts and videos that you can download to your computer or MP3 players.
•    The Membership Directory will be updated automatically as members join, this directory will be viewable and printable by members only. Members will have the option of opting out of the directory.  The directory will reflect the information exactly as you have entered it when registering.  Please check your information.  For instructions on how to edit the information go to: http://www.wadepage.org/node/26#updateProfile
•    You will also be able to view the expiration date of your WADE membership by logging into the website, then clicking on My Account (under where you are logged in) then scrolling down to the membership information.
The website retains the same address at www.wadepage.org  and WADE Members will enter member’s only pages using the same log-in names and passwords.
These revisions will present our members and public users with a significantly enhanced website which will prove to be a powerful resource tool for all users.
We welcome your feedback!