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President's Message

President’s Message --- July 2010
Hello everyone,
Thanks to all of you who were able to attend and support the 2010 WADE conference. We had an overwhelming response to this years’ conference, with unexpected record attendance. There were some bright spots (great speakers!) and some challenges (what do you mean we only have one coffee line, Hyatt?!). Going green was painful in some areas but appreciated in most respects overall. I want to thank my committee chair, Mary Janci, and planning committee again (Kathy Magee, Chris Pelto, Randy Elde, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Mindy Nichols, Alison Evert, and Eileen Paul) for their generous time commitment and wonderful contribution to the conference. It takes SUCH hard work to put on an event like this, I really had no idea all that was involved beforehand and could never have pulled this off without their help. The silent auction and raffle was also a success, thanks to the hard work from Chris, Pat Haldi, and Lynn Sadowsky. We managed to raise over $2000 for the Karen Goldstein Memorial Speaker fund, which sponsored the keynote speaker this year, Dr Irl Hirsch.
Another part of this year’s annual conference was introducing the new AADE model to the membership. This is not something that I devised or even fully understand yet, though what I have learned was shared with the membership. The slides and audio are available on the website if you would like to look, but I will give a quick rundown in a following article. To be brief, AADE is transforming the way it interfaces with its chapters, and those chapters who desire continued support under the AADE umbrella must roll with them or take on all the risks alone without benefit of AADE’s non-profit status and other securities they provide. The efforts of all of those who built WADE into what it is today and on whose shoulders the burden for the genesis of this great organizations was carried is not to be minimized, and this change should be seen as continuation of your hard work, though it may be much more personal to you than others. While change can be challenging, I look forward to working with this transition for our AADE chapter in Washington so I can help to keep the tradition that the founders set forth alive: an AADE and WADE partnership effort to advance the field of diabetes education. Let’s continue to all work together towards this goal.
Finally, I must apologize for the later than usual nature of this newsletter. My newsletter chair, Candace Clark, took a break for baby (hope all is well, Candace!) and I have struggled in filling her shoes. She also asked me to drum up support for newsletter articles for future issues at the annual conference, and I did not do a very good job of that either. So, here goes: Please consider submitting articles for future WADE newsletters! There was a drawing this year for member-submitted pieces, and Don Miller received a free registration to this year’s WADE conference for his piece on rural China. Consider writing now to include yourself in next year’s drawing for free registration to the 2011 WADE conference in Walla Walla next April.

Warm Regards, Jennifer Beach

President’s Message --  March 2010
Jennifer Beach, WADE President 2010
Hello, fellow WADE members! I hope that you are settling into the post-holiday routine well, and now with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day behind us, we have officially entered the easier part of the year to follow a reasonable diet. At least until chocolate and marshmallow bunnies make an appearance!   Your WADE board has been hard at work, with our first 2010 board meeting taking place after spending the morning at the Capitol talking with our legislators. I must say that I have NEVER done this before. It was one of those times where I was forced to embrace my fears and move outside my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to find out what my legislative district is, who the representatives and senator are, how to contact and visit with them to present my personal agenda. I am so glad that I did! I found out that it is not so scary or overwhelming, and while I am not ready to throw my hat in any political rings, it opened my eyes a bit more to the process that is our state government. It was certainly more interesting and informative than the sound bites on the evening news or the snippets in the Sunday paper make it seem. We had a great speaker who reinforced the idea that personal notes, letters, and calls can make much more impact than a stack of preprinted postcards when lobbying for a cause. And while I have not always been as good about sending in my letters to support my views, knowing how important it can be makes me more willing to carve time out of my day to give my input. I guess like any great leader finds out, a decision can only be as good as the information and intelligence that it is based on. That being said, while I will not pretend to be a great leader, I would like to be an adequate one for WADE. In trying to make that happen, I posted a survey in the last newsletter. 
Its purpose was to inform members about what the board is working on and to get your input on decisions that need to be made. While I greatly appreciate the 8 people who responded, I think you can do better! Please take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to respond to survey in this

newsletter. AADE has also taken to using surveys in a similar manner, to gain information on how members desire their experience to be. To that end, they are making some changes based on member survey results that will be revealed in coming months. Stay tuned! Or come to the Annual Conference in Bellevue on May 21st and 22nd, we will have lots to discuss by then. I hope you all received your “green” invitation to the conference. There were a few bugs that surfaced with this new mechanism of invitations and registrations, but we are excited by the use of this technology. If you did not receive an email with the invite, you can find a link on the WADE website. Make sure to invite your friends and colleagues to join in the fun. I look forward to seeing you in May!!!



President’s Message December 2009
Pat Haldi

Dearest WADE Members,


William Arthur Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”


This is my last message as your president and I want to express my appreciation to you for this once in a lifetime opportunity.    



Representing WADE has been a privilege and an honor.   I found myself fortunate to work with members of the board who mentored and helped me learn my role and responsibilities.  Each one serving with me for the term has been wonderful.  You can be proud of the work they have accomplished.


For example, the annual meeting in Spokane at the Davenport Hotel was a huge success.  Another example is the cutting edge webpage.  Our webpage is often sited as a benchmark for other AADE chapter throughout the country.  There are many resources for members on the webpage such as the Job Listings, Education Tool Box and Loaning Resource Library.  I hope you continue to use the webpage as there will be even more recourses coming in the future as Mp3 files from the 2010 Annual WADE meeting to be held at the Bellevue Hyatt Hotel May 21st and 22nd. 


If you want an exciting experience consider nominating yourself for a position on the board in 2011.  I will be chair of the 2010 nominating committee and will look forward to receiving your nomination if not for yourself then a peer whom you know will welcome the adventure and quality for the position.  You have much to offer and volunteering for service on the board maybe just the place for you to share your gifts and talents as diabetes educator and leader. 


WADE needs visions for the future and visionaries to bring those visions alive. Come on and jump in, the experience is worth it.   Contact me at [email protected] for pre-ordering nomination forms.  


Knowing that we can make a difference in this world is a great motivator. How can we know this and not be involved?     - Susan Jeffers




President's Message October 2009
Pat Haldi, MN, RN, CDE

How was your summer?  The saying, "time flies when we are having fun” is so true.  One highlight of my summer was representing WADE at the AADE Annual Meeting in Atlanta.   I came back revved up and recharged.  It is like getting high on a double cappuccino. If you have not had this great experience, then I encourage you to attend next year's meeting.  The AADE has scholarships for first time attendees.   You will find the application by going to  http://www.diabeteseducator.org/ select Foundation:Grants & Scholarship.
I enjoyed meeting with other chapter presidents and learning what is happening in other parts of the country.  A concern we that all share is the increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes.   The numbers of individuals with prediabetes has reached epidemic proportions.  As diabetes educators, we know our services are invaluable to this population as knowledge and implementation of life style changes can either postpone or prevent this disease.  Several sessions at the AADE meeting focused on ways to integrate new ideas and technologies into practice to improve outcomes.  Other sessions presented samples of motivational interviewing techniques that build self-confidence and improve performance of diabetes self-management skills.   
If you have creative teaching tools that you are using in your practice, we hope you will share them.   Submit an abstract to the AADE by November 1, 2009 for the meeting in San Antonio, August 4 -7, 2010.   Of course, you will want to save the dates of May 21-22, 2010 for the WADE Annual Education Meeting at the Bellevue Hyatt Hotel.    The Annual Meeting Committee is already busy planning a great conference.  AADE and WADE meetings are both great opportunities to attend quality education events. You can bet that Bellevue won't be quite as hot and humid as Texas can be in August.   Enjoy the shopping at Bellevue Center!
I am grateful to WADE for the opportunity to attend the meeting this year.  It is an honor to represent the State of Washington.  Thank you!!!!!

President's Message June  2009

Pat Haldi, MN, RN, CDE


The changes in our economy have greatly impacted us all in many ways. Needless to say, the effects have made many individuals, families, business and organizations such as WADE face financial challenges and hardships.
 For WADE, the year started out with the news that pharmaceutical companies have new federal guidelines to follow regarding sponsorships and "give a ways".  If you have attended any programs such as the WADE Annual Conference, you have noticed there were few if any "goodies" given out by vendors.
 As a result of these new guidelines, this year's annual conference committee had many challenges.  Contributions for meals were limited.  We lacked funding for printing costs.  It appears that future profits from the annual conferences will be minimal compared to the past. Previously, profits from annual meetings provided the primary funds for WADE operations throughout the year.  In the future, new methods to fund our organization will need to be developed.  The annual conference may need revision in its format and presentation. 
 Other challenges facing WADE include developing systems to meet the needs of the members.  Innovative ways to improve networking and education need to be researched and implemented.  The web page offers new opportunities in these two areas.  For example, there are plans to offer online CEU programs.  Face Book provides a creative format for networking.   Future plans are for WADE to join Face Book.
 WADE needs new members who are willing & able to bring our organization fresh ideas.  To help meet this need the board responded with a five-year plan that will attract and educate those interested in becoming diabetes educators.  Laura Wintersteen introduced an innovative program at the Annual Member's Business Meeting.  This program was started in California by the state chapters in collaboration with universities.  More information regarding this program will be forthcoming
 I will end with a personal plea.   Do you have ideas for the future of WADE?  Do you want to get involved?  Now is your opportunity to nominate yourself or someone you know as a member of the WADE Board.  Don't miss this opportunity!





President's Message April 2009
Pat Haldi, MN, RN, CDE


Happy “pre-spring”. Yes, somewhere under the filthy snow that lines the streets and sidewalks in Eastern Washington lies the promise of spring. Along with spring, we are looking forward to the annual meeting on April 30, May 1 & 2 at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane.
 The annual meeting provides you the opportunity to earn CEUs and to network. It is a time to revisit old friendships and make new ones.
It is also time for members to consider becoming more involved in the organization. Nominations for 2010 board positions are needed for the election this year. Why not consider nominating yourself or someone you know for one of the positions? Drop by the WADE display for information regarding the openings and pick up a nominating form.
This year the annual meeting begins with a free pre-conference workshop and lunch. The workshop gives educators tools to help patients identify why smoking cigarettes can be more harmful when combined with diabetes and pre-diabetes. The workshop will be followed by a wine reception at the Barrister Winery, just a 7-minute walk from the Davenport. An evening of visiting with old friends and making new ones will set the stage for a wonderful program planned for Friday and Saturday.
 The general focus of the conference is on what’s new in diabetes management, research and the effects on our practice as diabetes educators. Friday night’s awards dinner and program will be filled with surprises and stories of the Davenport’s history, followed by music and entertainment. You might want to dress to fit the occasion, as the Marie Antoinette room is quite eloquent. And, don’t forget to sign up the Bloomsday Race on Sunday, May 3rd.
In summary, coming to the annual meeting is one way for you to put your best foot forward and actually “walk/run the talk” of fitness and diabetes prevention.
See you at the Fountain at the Davenport.