Welcome to WADE, The Washington Association of Diabetes Educators

MP 3 audio files from the 2008 AADE meeting

The Audio Visual Educational Network (AVEN) is offering over 90 audio files from the 2008 AADE meeting you can purchase all for $299 or indiviual files for $18 to $22 each. You may purchase these files on CDs by going to http://www.aven.com/conf.cfm/cid/1063


WADE has already purchased the complete set (92 presentations).  We can not legally post these files to our website but we can lend them out (about 30 files on each CD or the complete set on one DVD). SEE COMPLETE LIST OF AUDIO FILES

Select one of four options to receive your audio files

Please send me disk 1
Please send me disk 2
Please send me disk 3
Please send me all files on a DVD (your computer must have a DVD drive)

After you make the email request you will receive the CD or DVD in the mail. You then can copy the files to your computer and even transfer them to you MP3 player. After copying the files please return the CD or DVD in the enclosed stamped address envelope – Just like Netflix! (But you get to keep the files forever).