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Legislative Update

October 6, 2013  Legislative Alert

Nursing Commission RULE MAKING

WAC 246-840-125 Retired Active Status, a new rule, has been proposed.  This rule will create a new license status for registered and practical nurses, and set requirements for placing a license into this status.  Use this link to the official notice, as well as the proposed rule language.

The hearing to adopt the rule is set for November 8, 2013, at 1:30 pm at:

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (formerly The Phoenix Inn)
415 Capitol Way N
Olympia WA  98501

You may provide testimony at the hearing, or send your comments to:
PO Box 47864
Olympia WA
ATTN: Teresa Corrado

Email to:  http://www3.doh.wa.gov/policyreview/

Fax to: 360-236-4738.

Written comments are due no later than November 1, 2013



Aug. 15, 2013 Report to the WADE GB and membership on the SRR Public Hearing held Aug 2nd at the DOH in Tumwater WA.

Attending Hearing Representing WADE:  Pat Haldi, James Specker and  Kim DeCoste
DOH Panel:  4 members
Attendees:    approximately 20 individuals

The hearing started with the rules and expectations of the attendees.  Time allowed for the hearing was 9:30 am to 12noon.  WADE had 30 minutes to present the information regarding the purpose for DE licensure and a summary of the written SRR document.

Kim DeCoste presented what DSMT is composed of and what DEs do as well as the qualifications to be a DE, CDE, BC-ADM according to the AADEs competencies for diabetes education.  Kim also presented the facts about the KY licensure process and outcome.   After Kim was finished the DOH panel asked her several questions regarding her presentation.  James then presented facts regarding licensure for DE.  He was unable to finish due to the time running out.  After his presentation the DOH panel asked him several questions to clarify some of his statements.

After WADE's presentation, several from the audience presented their point of opposition or support.  Most read their written responses and gave copies to the DOH to attach to the DOH report on the DOH SRR Website.

There were few who spoke in support, possibly 1-2.  There were many who presented in opposition. Some of the opposition was related to the fact that they were not included as eligible for licensure but understood the need and the concept.

Opposing organizations represented were: Community Health Centers, Non RD nutritionists, WA State Podiatric Medical Association, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, WA St Association Naturopathic Physicians, and Community Migrant Health Centers.

WADE has until August 26, 2013 to send a written response to the DOH.  James Specker, Kim DeCoste and Pat Haldi are currently working on the response to the DOH. The following are questions that needing to be addressed and sent to the DOH as part of the response.  A response to all the opposition will also need to be formatted.

Questions needed a response:
1.  Definition of "Quality".
2.  Percentages of CDE vs BC-ADM both state and national.
3.  Will a licenses DE be able to work solo?
4.  Would DE licensure be a barrier in rural communities in regards to
diabetes education?
5.  WADE's perception of what involves the "Risk Factors" for diabetes.  A response to the statement made that �everyone is at risk for diabetes�.
6.  WADE's response to the perception that a LDE would need to supervise anyone giving diabetes education in any venue.
7.  WADE's response to the perception that LDE intends to legislate one specific chronic disease thereby limiting access to valuable education in diabetes self-management.
8.  WADE's response to the perception that LDE would mean that RNs and others who give diabetes education as a function of their job would need to obtain a DE license or be supervised by a LDE.
9.  Perception that 250 hours of practice was not enough.

Recent statement by DOH:

Analyzing the proposed bill is part of our review.  It will be part of our draft report that we will share with you early next month.  At this point, we are required to review the bill that was submitted with the proposal.  Deficiencies with the draft language may be identified in our draft, however we will not be offering specific language at this time.

Follow up time line presented by the DOH: Next steps in the process: 

  • Once we (DOH) receive your follow up from the hearing we will finalize the draft report/recommendations and send it out to everyone who participated
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to prepare rebuttals to anything you/they disagree with in the draft report
  • We will review the rebuttals and make changes to the report if appropriate, or explain why we did not make changes
  • We will then finalize the report with our final recommendations and begin the approval process 

To listen to the complete hearing go to:




Licensure Legislation ***ALERT***

A "Sunrise Review Public Hearing" regarding Licensure for Diabetes Educators is scheduled for Aug. 2. at the Department of Health (DOH) in Tumwater, WA.   
Dear Diabetes Educaors
Now is an important cross road for diabetes educators.  Recently, a proposal to license diabetes educators was accepted by the WA State Legislature and sent to the Department of Health for a Sunrise Review. 
Details on the proposal can be found at the Sunrise webpage:
Sunrise Reviews :: Washington State Dept. of Health
Washington Association of Diabetes Educators (WADE) is asking for your support of this initiative.
Please download the "sample letter" asking for support that you can use as a guide to write a letter.
If you need more information, download the PDF file for a frequently asked questions regarding the need for licensure
We need YOU to help advance the profession of the diabetes educator. PLEASE email your support/comments to [email protected] or mail them to the address below.  Deadline: 5:00 PM, July 31, 2013
Sherry Thomas Washington State Department of Health Systems Quality Assurance
PO Box 47850 Olympia, WA 98504-7850.
Email Sherry.Thomas
For further information Pat Haldi MN, CDE  for further information.
Heather Denis, RD, CDE
WADE Governing Board Chair
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